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Other Available Classes and Group Sessions:

Topic of Choice

Let the San Francisco Nutrition Clinic create a class to fit your needs. One hour seminars, multisession classes, and workshops made to order.


Conscious Eating I and II Weight Loss Class

Two sessions, the first and second steps in weight management and improved body image and self-esteem.


Weight Loss for Busy Lives Nutrition Class

Ten sessions, 45-60 minutes each--ongoing support in a small group (maximum of 12 people). Usually offered during the lunch hour or just after work; often arranged at your worksite.


Sugar Success I and II Diabetes Nutrition Class

Two sessions, two hours each, the basics of balancing carbohydrates, controlling blood sugar with diet, and menu planning. Includes time to answer questions.


Healthy Moms Pregnancy/Fertility Nutrition Class

One session, 1 ½ hours each--for all women who desire a healthy pregnancy. This class is appropriate for women who are planning a pregnancy as well as those who are already expecting, and their partners, if desired.


Heart Happy Cardiovascular Nutrition Class

One session, two hours--for all those with high blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, or recovering from heart surgery. We will sort through the information and misinformation, and you will walk away with tasty new recipe and meal planning ideas.


High Level Training Nutrition Sports Nutrition Class

One session, 1 ½ hours. Learn to calculate how many calories and how much protein you need. Great for those training for the first time for marathons, triathlons, etc. Positive body image is encouraged.

For Families and Teens:

Family Feeding Dynamics Parenting Class

One session, two hours--for parents/caregivers only. Come find out the dos and don'ts of raising a healthy eater with a healthy body image. This class is essential if you would like to stop the cycle of unhealthy eating. Best learned when children are under 10 years.

Sports Nutrition Teen Nutrition Class

One session, 1 ½ hours. For sports teams and schools, this class reviews the basics of appropriate energy intake for best performance, promotes positive body image, and discusses supplementation.


Fitness 4U Teen Exercise and Nutrition Class

Eight sessions, 1 ½ hours each--for teens of all shapes and sizes seeking to enhance their performance in life. In a small group setting (12 maximum) teens will learn to keep food logs, pay attention to hunger signs, have fun staying fit, and improve self-confidence. This class is great for those with or without high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, or pre-diabetes.



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