Norae Ferrara, RD and the San Francisco Nutrition Clinic
Corporate Wellness Services

Nutrition Seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond (sample topics)

  • Health Promoting Foods (the dietitian's top picks for preventing disease)
  • Food to Fit for a Busy Lifestyle (top 6 busy lifestyle tips for managing your weight)
  • Diabetes is Easy (nutrition and fitness tips for everyday life with diabetes)
  • Heart Happy (manage or prevent high cholesterol, and other types of heart disease)

Nutrition Counseling at your site in the San Francisco Bay Area

Article Writing

Menu Planning and Review

Children's Cooking Party

Product Endorsement/Nutrient Analysis

Expert Interviews

Corporate Wellness Helps Your Bottom Line

HMRC evaluations of health promotion between 1979 and 2000 found that worksite programs saved employers between $80 and $225 per employee annually in medical care costs, and an equal amount in productivity gains.

A 1999 study found that corporations that used health and productivity programs showed a ROI that range from $1.49 to $13 in benefits per dollar spent on the programs, depending on the components used. Disease management programs had the highest return in this study (Goetzel, Juday, Ozminikowski, 1999).

Recent Clients

  • St. Vincent DePaul Society of Marin
  • California Official Court Reporters Association
  • San Mateo County SWAT team
  • California Association of Commercial Realtors
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory High School, San Francisco
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Intermediate School, Daly City
  • Brady Tennis Camp of California

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